Friday, August 10, 2012

What's The Big Idea?!

hew! We've learned very quickly that once you start your own blog, the expression "sometimes life gets in the way" takes on a whole new meaning. Needless to say, things have been quite busy behind the scenes around here which is why you haven't heard much from us, lately. We definitely have a plethora of fantastic ideas in the works for you that we are so excited to share, and by 'in the works', I do mean you will see them very soon! However, as all quality production takes gentle care and scrupulous fact-checking - and we only want the best for our peachy-keen readers - fleshing out these ideas may occasionally take some extra time. And when life decides to get in the way, well, you've found yourself backed up by "Fate" a little. In the meanwhile, we thought we'd familiarize you with a case similar to our own most-recent haphazard blues courtesy of "no one but Donald Duck" (and the incredible talent of Burl Ives!). It seems Mr. Disney's animation studio is comforting us of our errs at being human, once again. We certainly hope your work week hasn't been as rough as Donald's was and while you float on in to your weekend, remember that you will be hearing from us soon, so enjoy your peace while it lasts, as it's nearly impossible to shut us up once we get started. Happy Friday!


  1. I had never seen this one before! I think I'll watch "Donald Duck's Scary Tales" on VHS tonight!

  2. I'm glad we inspired you! It's a great time for Scary Tales, as the HALLOWEEN season approaches - and never too soon!!! Have a frightfully good time!