Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lunar Lullaby

here's a full moon in the sky tonight
It's not an everyday event
So learn this ditty before twilight
And howl at your heart's content.


          In the 80's we had Duck Tales
          On TV and our Nintendos
          This level made me wonder
          What goes on up in the cosmos.


          Thanks for bearing with my poetry
          Which I promise will all be over soon
          And thank you for enjoying
          This humble dedication to our moon!


  1. Happy Full Moon to you, both! Oh, and don't forget the 1955 "Disneyland" episode, "Man and the Moon" directed by the late, great, Ward Kimball!

  2. That's hard to forget when you're crooning "Ah, See the Moon!" in the middle of June, whilst eating with a spoon!

    Nights like these are when I wish I could take a Rocket to the Moon more than ever!

  3. Now that I think of it, I need to get that DVD out along with the other episodes in that series, "Man in Space" and "Mars and Beyond." It's been too long since I've seen those. I probably should have watched them last night during the full moon!

    Maybe the New, New, New Tomrrowland will have a "Rocket to the Moon" attraction. Yeah, right!