Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love Will Live, Love Will Last

ebruary has to be one of my favorite months.  The new year finally begins to solidify, stores fill with the aroma of blooming flowers and bouncing balloons baring tidings of devotion, papered and celluloid goodies pop up in pinks and reds of all shades and - most importantly - the Holiday crowds disappear as quickly as they came and give our beloved Disneyland a chance to breathe for a little while.  Yes, February is the perfect time of year for a romantic, like me.

  In the spirit of this amorous season, I offer you one of the most precious Disneyland home videos on the internet.  This earnest love letter, written and preserved on magnetic tape, shows this Happy Place through the eyes of a group of friends that surely adore each other and their time spent in Mr. Disney's park.  With notable cameos from Disneyland's 35th anniversary parking lot catwalk, the Town Square CafĂ© patio and a pair of tight white pants, this video, simply entitled 'Disneyland 1987', imparts all of the elements that make the world go 'round: Friendship, Love, Fun and Happiness... and all in the original Magic Kingdom.  Be still, my beating heart! 


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  1. I love this time period....before the park's "Dark Ages" when Disneyland suffered some pretty horrendous damage (yes, I'm talking about you Light Magic, Tomorrowland '98, Tarzan's Treehouse and Winnie the Pooh ride!!!!) I also loved seeing the Robin Hood characters and hearing the song from the film. I wonder where these friends are today and if they still visit the park together?

    Thanks for sharing the link to this video, and Happy February to you, BIWATW!