Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Just Burnin'!

n our latest visit to the park, we were subject to a few new sights. New things to see at Disneyland must always be approached with caution. As we’ve learned the hard way, “newer” does not always equate with “better”, and gazing directly at park changes can be like staring into the burning glare of a solar eclipse (which, by the way, we were also subject to last weekend).

This first sight – or rather, site – was no exception. It took a lot of courage, about 4 hours of consideration, and much egging to persuade me to poke my head over the Carnation Gardens construction wall. What I saw filled me with a fiery rage:

Warning: Viewing my cause eye, heart, and emotional trauma.
There lies the remains of the ideal Disneyland Date-Nite, chopped up and carved out with her innards glistening under the evening sky. Gaggles of bats flocked beside, fitting for this macabre twilight scene.

But with death comes new life. I do not speak of Fantasy Faire, mind you. Over in Tomorrowland, a phoenix has risen and nested above the Starcade. Behold!

Starcade 2nd level + Flynn’s 80’s arcades + Tron in Tomorrowland (once again) = Us doing the NewTron Dance!
 That’s correct, Users! While I can’t say with any certainty, it appears as though Kevin Flynn may be moving his business a bit up north. Who hasn’t fantasized about moving this arcade into Disneyland, really? Tron has a solidified home in the park’s history, so it computes perfect sense. Looks like we’ll be getting our wish and our Starcade in its entirety, so pocket those quarters now!

The glow of Tron’s grid also appears to be going viral over at a former icy-sloped Tomorrowland mountain, but more on that later. Let’s just celebrate now what we can, and dance in loving memory of our favorite bandstand.


  1. Sigh! Well, at least the bandstand structure is still there.....let's just hope that by some miracle, it will be spared from the wrecking ball!

    I didn't even realize that the upper level of the Starcade still has it's original orange tile it wasn't replaced with the cheap-looking vinyl stuff that they used on the lower level! I say, dust off that tile, fire-up those Speedramps, plug in the Ms. Pac-Man, and let's party like it's 1982!

  2. Bad news/good news...thanks for a balanced report!

  3. TM: I really hope they keep the tile! The architecture and design of the older Tomorrowland was so elegant. Since the land is such a hodgepodge mess these days, they might as well just keep whatever's left (including that fabulous mural on the upper wall) from its former glory. They can't possibly change the tile for "consistency".

    D: Thank you! I tell ya, it was NOT easy looking at the Plaza construction. The balance would've been tremendously offset had I mentioned the price hikes, Cars Monorails, and glowing Matterhorn falls.

  4. I liked your description on Sunday of the "Tron Waterfalls." Didn't you refer to the whole thing as Matterhornica? Very appropriate (your comment, NOT the waterfalls!)

  5. Oh trust me, I have much to say about those falls... or shall we call them, "Radioactive Springs"? :)

  6. Hmmmm, that raises a question now....I wonder if the new waterfall(s) over in Carsland will glow?