Wednesday, December 5, 2012

111 Years Young at Heart!

appy Birthday, Mr. Disney!

 We couldn't think of a more suitable honor for this honorable, suited man than by celebrating him through his first and greatest love... Art! (No, not 'Linkletter'.) So join us, please, as we salute Mr. Walter Elias Disney from the bottom of our hearts and the surface of our canvas ('and things')...

A simplistic sketch of an intricate mind, by Eric.

Eric illustrates Walt's gift to US... "That's right, 'Audio Animatronics!'"

Deconstruction with construction paper. Another labor of love by Eric.

And finally, let's wrap up this exaltation with a song, sung by a newer generation offset of the Main Street Melodeers. Send us home, Dapper Dans..!

Best wishes on your most spectacularly special day, Mr. Disney!

Love, Eric and Ginger


  1. Eric, I love all three of these pieces! The second one looks like it could be a framed animation cell from "Skipping Out - The Movie"!

  2. The 'Skipping Out' movie WOULD have to be a musical, so it's appropriate! (Though I'm not sure if Mr. Disney would appreciate *all* aspects of 'Skipping Out'.)