Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Welcome Mat Is Out, Today!

owdy, Stranger!

     It’s happened, again. Eric and I get to experience something we believed was forever lost. Disney has announced their theme park promotion for this term, Limited Time Magic, in which each theme park will have a series of limited time events all though the year. We really believed that it would only take magic to bring back one of the most fabulous staples opening day at Disneyland had to offer: the record-breaking Golden Horseshoe Revue at The Golden Horseshoe Saloon in Frontierland. Well, 'magic' it is, because ‘Limited Time Magic’ is returning the show to Disneyland on January 10th, 2013 and will run through February 4th,  2013!!!! If you are visiting the park during this time I urge - no, BEG -you to grab some food, kick up yer spurs at The Golden Horseshoe (make sure to look up showtimes in your park schedule!) and catch this riveting revue. It was one of Mr. Disney's favorites, so make sure to tell 'em 'Walt' sent ya.

  Purists, be warned, the title of the show is ‘A Salute to The Golden Horseshoe Revue’, so it’s hard to tell what may or may not be included. We might be lucky and experience a tribute in the way Captain EO returned, missing atmosphere, but nothing content-wise. The 30 minute revue has quite a few musical numbers, and each rootin’ tootin’on their own, so I’m hoping nothing is taken from the structure of the actual show. I also hope that whoever they use in place of the late Betty Taylor and Wally Boag not only realize how lucky they are, but fill their fascinators and holsters as best they can. Either way, I've been ready for this show all my life!

  I’m not sure where to place my insatiable gratitude: with former Disneyland President, Matt Ouimet, for his wonderful execution of Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, ‘Happiest Homecoming on Earth’ and reminding people that ‘old’ is actually CLASSIC and really cool; the hard work, fun, and enthusiasm that Betty Taylor, Wally Boag, and the entire Golden Horseshoe Revue company put into every show they performed and making the experience unforgettable, despite the 26 years the revue’s curtains have been closed; or to Mr. Disney himself, for giving us the gift of something to remember – to say the very least. I think the real truth is, they all deserve my highest saloon girl kick for my being able to experience a slice of Walt Disney’s Disneyland, once again. But I digress ... afterall, a lady has to mind her P’s and Q’s.

  The Golden Horseshoe Revue, won’t you please come home!


  1. I was excited when I first heard about this, but from reading the official description, it seemed like it might only be a few musical numbers. Keeping the fingers crossed, like you, for more!

  2. It's one of those little peeks into Disneyland's past that I finally get a taste of. As much as I'd like the WHOLE cake, I'm so starved for that classic magic, a little nibble wouldn't hurt me at all. Still, FINGERS FULLY CROSSED! :)

  3. Howdy! Thank you for sharing your table with me at the "Salute to The Golden Horseshoe Revue." As if the show wasn't enough, singing an a cappella version of America Sings was truely the icing on the cake. It was wonderful to meet all of you and thank you for sharing the experience!

  4. Howdy Tommy! We're so honored to share our table and sarsapirilla with you! Definitely let us know next time you mosey into town and need nerdy company at Walt's Kingdom. We may need you too for our full-on live and impromptu in-park production of America Sings... Feel free to find us on facebook or email us at

    - Eric, Ginger, & 'group'

    (50 points if you know the "tempo in a teacup" reference)

  5. Well, you did end up getting the whole "cake" after all, didn't you? Even if it was a miniature version! I am also glad that I was able to experience this with you guys. Thank you! We'll have to do it again WHEN the Revue returns. Notice I didn't say "if"! :-)